Our marketing and distribution arm, Uniseal Creative Solutions Pte Ltd,
distributes a range of proprietary products and systems under the following Product Groups

  • An artificial carpet grass made from recycled Poly-Ethylene or a combination of recycled Poly-Ethylene and Poly-Propylene. Both come with a non-woven fabric backing.

  • The Profile is designed as a stopper for our PlanterCell┬« Green Roof systems. It acts as an end wall at the edge of a roof garden holding the tray, planting media and plants in place.

  • Hydrophilic water retention foam is used in the construction of green wall and roof due to its ability to manage and retain water to keep plants continuously hydrated. It is capable of water uptake of more than 25 times its own weight and its open structure allows easy root penetration and establishment.

  • A mat made of recycled polypropylene synthetic fibre that functions as a planting media, moisture retention and protection for green wall systems.

  • An inorganic, soil-less and lightweight mix, specially formulated for green roof and green wall applications to minimize loading and maintenance.

  • A lightweight, heavy-duty PVC board used in the fabrication of standard PlanterCell┬« H2O-R Panel Green Wall System, it is resistant to weathering elements and is suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Made of UV stabilised HDPE with shade efficiency of 80%, the net is used in the fabrication of PlanterCell┬« H2O-R Panel Green Wall System, holding the system and plant in place whilst providing protection, generating plant growth and allowing proper aeration.

  • The stainless steel chamber provides access for inspection of the water discharge system whilst acting as a barrier to prevent clogging when water flows through to the discharge system.

  • Production lights for professional greenhouses developed in co-operation with leading growers and horticultural research institutes to stimulate plant growth. The lights utilises efficient and high performance LEDs to minimise heat radiation and have a long life span.


  • Fire resistant substrate for green walls and roofs with its excellent water retention properties.

    It is made from virgin rock mineral fibres and is compact and dimensionally stable. Its open structure promotes extensive root distribution and plant growth. 8 to 10 times lighter than conventional substrates, it can hold 3 to 4 times its own volume of water.