Our marketing and distribution arm, Uniseal Creative Solutions Pte Ltd,
distributes a range of proprietary products and systems under the following Product Groups

  • A lightweight mat for protection of concrete substrates against efflorescence and cracking. The moulded mat is primarily installed between screeds and waterproofing membrane, allowing entrapped water to drain through the screed via small outlets, keeping the screed dry. It also protects the waterproofing membrane.

  • A dimpled drainage sheets designed as a damp proof cum protection layer for foundation and basement structures. The dimpled profile of 8mm height, 10mm height, and 20mm height, creates a permanent air cavity between the damp soil and underground structures which provide protection to the waterproofing membrane and structures from the moisture.

  • A dimpled drainage sheets of 30mm height dimple designed as a damp proof cum protection layer for foundation and basement structures. The high capacity is designed to cope with higher groundwater flow, providing efficient drainage in tunnels and other
    underground structures.

  • A dimpled drainage sheets with a thermal bonded geotexile filter fabric which are use as permeable protection layer for the waterproofing membrane in subsoil conditions as well as drainage layer for vertical and horizontal applications.

  • A patented versatile tray moulded from at least 50% recycled Polypropylene, it has multiple applications. It is used in fabrication of Insu® Slab 500Plus and Insu® Slab 500HD and on its own as a green roof PlanterCell® 70Plus system. The tray can also incorporate with Insu® Jac pedestal to create a raised platform.

  • Expanded and extruded polystyrene insulation foam board formulated from polystyrene blowing agents, fire resistance chemicals, stabilizer compound comes in different thicknesses, densities and, sizes. These products achieve excellent insulating, fire and moisture resistant properties coupled with high compressive strength to weight ratio.


  • A non-woven geotextile made of polypropylene needle punched fabric resistant against acids, alkalis and biological attack, is UV stable and environmentally friendly. Geotextile of different weight and fire rated versions are available.