Our marketing and distribution arm, Uniseal Creative Solutions Pte Ltd,
distributes a range of proprietary products and systems under the following Product Groups

  • A single component, non-toxic and fire retardant liquid applied waterproofing formulation, suitable for areas with many details and difficult access.¬† An exposed system, this membrane cures rapidly to form a seamless and tough elastic film that has excellent resistance against weathering, algae and fungus growth, colour fade and is trafficable for light human traffic.

  • A single component, water-base, modified acrylic protective floor coating. The system is tough enough for light vehicular and fork-lift traffic. Non-slip aggregates sprinkled onto the membrane before applying creates an excellent abrasion resistance against foot traffic.

  • A single component bitumen modified polyurethane base liquid applied waterproofing formulation that is moisture cured to form a seamless and tough elastomeric membrane. A concealed system, the membrane, when cured, bonds¬†well to concrete substrates and have excellent expansion and contraction properties to accommodate lateral movements.

  • A single component, water based, liquid applied waterproofing formulation that comes with high performance heat insulation and UV resistant properties. The system bonds well with metal, tile and concrete substrates to provide a tough but flexible membrane. It is foot trafficable when applied with an embedded reinforcement mesh and comes in a range of colours to provide an aesthetic finish.

  • A single component, liquid applied waterproofing formulation that is moisture cured to form a seamless and tough elastomeric membrane, it is specially formulated for green roof applications, where its root resistant property minimise possible puncture of the waterproofing membrane. It is a concealed system suitable for concrete substrates with a Green Roof system sitting on it.

  • 100% water base acrylic, elastomeric coating with both waterproofing and decorative properties for exterior use. It comes in a full decorative colour range for a pleasing aesthetic look.