Our marketing and distribution arm, Uniseal Creative Solutions Pte Ltd,
distributes a range of proprietary products and systems under the following Product Groups

  • A lightweight mat for protection of concrete substrates against efflorescence and cracking. The moulded mat is primarily installed between screeds and waterproofing membrane, allowing entrapped water to drain through the screed via small outlets, keeping the screed dry. It also protects the waterproofing membrane.

  • A dimpled drainage sheets designed as a damp proof cum protection layer for foundation and basement structures.

  • A dimpled drainage sheets with a thermal bonded geotexile filter fabric which are use as permeable protection layer for the waterproofing membrane in subsoil conditions as well as drainage layer for vertical and horizontal applications.

  • A tape developed for joints of different substrates that require water and air tightness and are irregular in shape and contour.

  • A tape developed for use in expansion joints which require water and air tightness.